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A child having a dental examination

Keeping your children's teeth healthy

Farmington, CT, Pediatric Dentist

The team at Dr. Alligood's pedatric dentistry office in Farmington

Our Team

A healthy smile is one of the best gifts you can give your child.  Our office is ready to help Connecticut parents take care of their children’s teeth from the first tooth to the first day of college.  Our offices provide a warm, welcoming, comfortable environment for children and parents.

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Our Services

Dental examination tools

Dental Exams

Physical examination of the teeth and oral cavity.

Dental Cleaning & X-rays

Tooth brushing, plaque and calculus (tartar) removal.  Oral hygiene instructions. polishing, fluoride application and dental x-rays as needed.

Athletic Mouth Guards

Custom made appliance used to protect teeth and prevent concussion.


Removal of decay and placement of white (composite resin) fillings, with or without anesthesia.


Extractions of primary (baby) teeth.


Placed in the grooves of the chewing surfaces of permanent molars and premolars as needed.

Our Office

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Dr. Alligood Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry in Connecticut serving Farmington, Avon, West Hartford, Bloomfield, Newington, Simsbury and Central Connecticut.

Opening hours

September through June:
Mon, Friday 1pm-5pm
Tuesday, Wednesday 9am-5pm
Two Saturdays/month 9am-1pm

Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm

During the school year, office hours are adjusted to accommodate the school vacation calendar when possible.


Dentistry tools

Alec D

"Dr. Alligood is not only an exceptional professional that strive to offer her very best and really care for her patients, but she is also extremely kind, loving and nurturing, which are qualities much needed in any person in a position to care for children.  I highly recommend her! My son had a blast, felt safe and had wonderful care. Ticked all the boxes!"

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